Ragini Bhow


palm meadows

Klein Humboldt Gallery, Berlin
June - July 2017

Installation views

Exhibition Text by Rebecca John

Ragini Bhow’s multi-part installation Palm Meadows (2017) incorporates video stills and an acrylic sculpture, investigating the cultivated sceneries of nature within one of the first gated communities in Bangalore, which also gives the work its title. The artist spent a considerable part of her youth in this surrounding. Entering this luxurious housing complex feels like being transposed to an US-American suburb. As a contrast to this high gloss surface, Bhow deliberately uses an amateur handy-cam with its low res aesthetic. The cracks and ironies of this utopia of enclosed living thereby become visible. By now this form of living in gated communities has made its way to the German capital as well: “Prenzlauer Gärten” was built in Friendrichshain, “Townhouse Quartier” at Friedrichswerder, and in 2013 the so called “Urban Village Marthashof” opened in Schwedter Straße. Local protest groups demonstrated under the slogan “anti-social plastic”, but without success.