Ragini Bhow                                                       


Passing Through

Vitrine, Albuquerque
September - October 2019

gallery entrance

forever just for now, 15x15”, acrylic on hub cap

shattered illusions, 8x37”, scarab beetle, wood ash, polyurethane

installation view

third gaze, 2x4”, c-print embedded in polyurethane resin

spinal entry, 1.5x60”, polyurethane and steel fishing hook

close up of submerged, 9x23”, c-print embedded in polyurethane resin, fishing hook

unknown truths, 6x4x6”, scarab beetles embedded in polyurethane resin

close up of unknown truths

installation view

Ghost !, 5x42”, aluminium, acrylic, and polyurethane resin on acrylic mirror

close up Ghost !

Untitled, 22x30”, aluminium and acrylic on kozo